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January 2017
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Motor Bar & Restaurant – Milwaukee

My bike has been in storage for almost two months and I am already suffering from PMS – parked motorcycle syndrome. What better way to relieve some stress that to drive down to Canal Street in Milwaukee and spend the afternoon at the Harley-Davidson Museum. There are over 450 motorcycles and items on display situated on 20 acres overlooking the Milwaukee riverfront. But wait…it get even better. The Motor Bar & Restaurant is located on the campus. How freaken good does this get? Bikes, Beer, Ribs and all sorts of food that will make my cardiologist go into a tailspin.

Motor thanksgiving burgerWe walk through the doors and enter into a bar done in Harley-Davidson Industrial Modern. I like the feel and look of the Bar & Restaurant. As we move to the bar the very first think I notice is that the barstools weigh Motor Ribs and Brisketabout as much as my FLHTC. After a bit of struggling I get it adjusted to my comfort level. Now comes the challenge; what kind of beer am I going to have? I opt for the Motor Oil (what else) from The Lakefront Brewery. The tender is friendly and he offers up several taste tests for my friends. If you are really into beer you can join the Motor Mug Club by purchasing a Mug in the museum shop, registering it at the bar, then enjoying $3.50 drafts of your choice in the bar, the average tap cost around $5. Let’s face it, this is Harley and they are marketing masters. I fully admit that I have sipped the H-D Kool-Aid and have joined the collective.

It is a Sunday evening and the dining room is fairly busy. One reason for this is if you are a Museum Member you get 20% discount off the total bill on Sunday and Monday evenings, not a bad deal. We order another round of drinks and look over the menu. We start out with salads and I have the Beer Cheese Soup. The soup had a deep cheesy flavor with a hint of beer in the background and was of a good consistency and very tasty. The girls decide to order burgers, but as guys who have spend the afternoon looking at Milwaukee Iron it is only fitting that we have BBQ Ribs & Brisket. In my opinion the ribs were a bit on the dry side, not exactly falling off of the bone. The brisket on the other hand was tender and very flavorful.

At the end of the day I would go back and sample some other dishes. From a price standpoint they are a bit on the high side, but it is important to remember that 1) you are in metro Milwaukee and 2) it is after all Harley-Davidson.

Since I am a museum member I am looking forward to spending many more afternoons and evenings down here. Bring your mug I will meet you there.

The Big Ragu gives this joint a 4 outa 5.

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