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January 2017
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Shamrock Bar & Grill – Lake Tomahawk, WI

Fish Fry at the Shamrock

Fish Fry at the Shamrock

It’s Friday in Wisconsin and my lake buddy Ranger Dave gives me a call and announces we are going snowmobiling today.  Dave is the de-facto social director of Crescent Lake; he has a great appreciation of wine and food, which make up for his shy and receding character.  That’s really BS, Ranger Dave likes to party.

Thirty minutes later the machines are gassed up and I ask where are we going – RD says North – this works for me.  The beauty of snowmobiling is that you can venture into places you usually can’t go on foot or by car.  Carl Sandburg was right when he said “The woods are lovely dark and deep..”  We had a recent snow and the trails were in fine condition.  Ninety minutes later we arrive in Lake Tomahawak, WI and RD pulls over at the Shamrock Bar and Grill on Hwy 47 N.  The place is packed with sleds and people in bulky clothes, we find our way to the bar to have some food & drinks.  I order the Friday Fish Fry with a side order of Potato Pancakes and RD order Wings with a side order of Jalapeños & Blue Cheese Dressing.  While we are waiting for the food we start chatting up the people next to us, they tell us the trails are good and there is no problem going 80 mph.  Umh – this is where I get concerned; bubba is into his fourth beer here and third bar since they left their house.  We find out which way they are going and decide to take a different trail.  Anyway they are entertaining and we become fast friends for the next 30 minutes.

The food arrives and RD is into the wings and snacking on the jalapeños like they were candy.  I am starting to break out into a sweat and I am not even eating them.  My Friday Fish Fry arrives; the fish looks like cardboard slabs and tastes like they look.  The slaw and fries were ok.  Most of you readers know that my quest for the potato pancake continues to be my obsession; at first glance this one looked good, right color and size, however, my first bite revealed that it was uncooked.  If fact it oozed all over my plate.  It probably would have been good if it were cooked.

The Shamrock wasn’t a complete loss RD has some great wings and probably burned another hole in his stomach lining.  For some odd reason I want to try this place again, so for now it is back on the list – they get a Bada Bing.
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